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Travel Chess

Magnetic Chess Set

Magnetic Travel Chess SetThe magnetic chess set is quite an ingenious, simple way to ensure that chess pieces stay in place when playing in a moving environment, like, on the bus, train, aircraft or boat. What better way to amuse two children on a long car journey than to engage each other with a game of chess, courtesy of the magnetic chess set? So, how do they work?

The chess pieces have tiny magnets embedded in their base. Hidden under the chessboard surface lies a thin sheet of metal, which attracts and holds the magnet in the pieces. It is important that the magnets are set at just the right strength, strong enough to hold the pieces when the board is held up vertically, yet not so strong that the player needs to struggle to pull them off the board. They should detach themselves easily with finger and thumb on lifting, without giving any impression of being stuck on!

Magnetic travel chess

The majority of magnetic chess sets are the smaller, travelling chess type. Because today’s magnets are smaller and more powerful they can be fitted into fairly small chess pieces. Some sets are small enough to fit into a pocket; very handy if you are having to use the tight, restricted seating of an aircraft or a rather full train, when you may perhaps be playing with the set on your lap. Some will argue, “Why not simply use a hand held screen version?” Well you can if you want to, but from earliest days, the great appeal of chess has been the tactile connection with the pieces.

Magnetic chess pieces – ideal for young children

Even very small children like to pick up chess pieces and move them around the board, well before they are old enough to understand the game. A two year old girl comes to mind, who would fool adults into thinking she could really play, simply because she could set up and move the pieces convincingly. Of course, being hooked, within a very short space of time she was actually playing, which brings us to another advantage of the magnetic chess set. The fumbling fingers of a young child can be greatly assisted by chess pieces that are stuck magnetically to the board. They are far less likely to knock pieces over when making a move. This is important because the young child should be encouraged to become a chess player. Chess has long been recognised as having beneficial effects on learning development and the younger the player, the better! Research has shown that young children playing chess assist them to develop analytical, synthetic and decision-making skills, all skills, which can be, transferred to real life situations. When children play chess, it involves them in higher order thinking skills, having to analyse actions and consequences, and importantly to visualise future possibilities.

In countries where chess is encouraged widely in schools, children show excellence in their ability to recognise complex patterns and thus excel in maths and science. Many research studies have revealed that a child playing chess strengthens their mental clarity, stability fortitude and general health. Schools are now finding that chess is an essential, inexpensive way of helping children to grow mentally. Chess helps aid the synthesis and growth of certain areas of the brain and mind, laying a good foundation for future academic development in children. What better argument for getting magnetic chess sets into the little hands of the next generation? In the midst of the continuing debate over preferred educational systems and learning styles where, alas, the poor children are but pawns in the game, one thing is sure. The consistent, regular playing of chess from an early age can do nothing but good.

Our range of Travel Chess Sets

We are delighted to boast a huge range of travel chess sets that come in a variety of styles and sizes. A travel chess set is an ideal accessory for the keen chess player, something he or she will seldom travel without. A travel chess set is also ideal for those who are short of space, or just want to slip their chess set into a drawer when it's not in use. All of our travel chess sets are completely self contained, meaning the pieces store neatly and safely inside the board when it's not in use. Our range features some superbly high quality sets and some very luxury materials.

Travel Chess, low tech Chess on the go

Despite the surge in popularity of smart phones and mobile chess software the travel chess set is still extremely popular among chess players. There is something very satisfying about a physical set with real solid chess pieces to move around and look at while you contemplate your next move. A traditional wooden travel chess set also has the advantage of not needing any batteries so it's never going to go flat on you. Our range of travel sets also represent the ideal gift for the budding chess enthusiast.

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