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I received my chess board, pieces and box today as you promised and would just like to say thank you; your service is superb."

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Chess Sets

We are the UK's biggest online retailer of chess sets. What we offer is simple, a vast range of chess sets, from all the leading brands and all at fantastic prices. Our range caters for all tastes and budgets and features some superb deals not available anywhere else on the internet. We stock products from leading brands including The Regency Chess Company, Studio Anne Carlton, Italfama, Dal Negro, Rechapados Ferrer SA, Philos, DGT, & Garde. We are proud to boast the biggest range of chess boards on any online chess retail website. Each style of board is available in a variety of sizes, just select the size you require at the time of purchase.

Our range of chess pieces is formidable. We stock everything from basic tournament plastic sets, fine Italian sets right up the lovely sets at The Regency Collection, which are regarded as the finest wooden chess pieces in the world today. When buying chess pieces it is very easy to spend far more than you originally bargained for once you see the range available. If you are in the market for luxury chessmen it's important to buy from a company you can trust, one that only sells supreme quality sets and brands.

Buying your chess set from us means you are buying from UK stock and can expect a rapid delivery. Unlike our competitors we offer free shipping of all our products to all of the UK including the highlands and channel islands. Our extensive warehouse facilities mean we carry a huge range of products in stock at any one time. For a guaranteed delivery service choose ChessSets.co.uk as your chess set supplier.

Chess set reviews are an important part of our business. Because we only want to stock quality products that put a smile on your face we want you to come back to our website to review your chess set. We publish all reviews, good and bad and encourage your honesty when writing your product review. Our chess sets are sourced from a host of locations around the world including Italy, India, Poland, Spain, Germany, and not forgetting of course, England. If you want to buy the best and spend a bit less, buy your chess product from ChessSets.co.uk

Cheap Chess Sets

It may sound like a cliché, but we don't sell cheap chess sets, we simply sell chess sets at cheap prices to ensure you get the best possible quality at an unbeatable price. We have checked the prices of all our chess sets carefully to ensure that you are getting the very best deals when you purchase your chess set from chesssets.co.uk. We source all of our chess sets from reputable companies who are renowned for their quality. Rather than compete heavily on price by offering poor quality Chinese imports we have cut our margins right down to ensure you always get the best chess sets at the very best prices.

Free Shipping On Chess Sets To Whole UK Area

Here at ChessSets.co.uk we are committed to offering you the best possible deals. This is why we offer a free shipping service to the whole of the UK on all of our chess sets. Because of our size we have secured extremely competitive rates with our courier companies which allows us to swallow the cost of shipping. Rather than comparing prices online with retailers who slap a huge delivery fee on at checkout you can buy from us knowing that you won't suffer any hidden costs. For those of you who need your chess set in a huge hurry we also offer an express courier service for just £5.99 to most UK areas. Which ever shipping method you choose you can be guaranteed to get amazing value.

Anatomy of a Chess Set

So what does a chess set consist of? A chess set is a collection of two articles, a chess board and 32 chess pieces. The chess board can be made from various materials ranging from simple cardboard to glass, metal or even exotic hardwoods. The principle design of the chessboard is the same no matter what it's made of. That is, a grid of 8 by 8 squares arranged in a chequerboard design. The chess pieces are typically made from wood but can also be cast from metal, glass or resin. This is all that's required to play a game of chess. The pieces vary in capacity presenting them with various values within the game.

For a typical chess game each player starts with 1 King and Queen, two Bishops, 2 Knights, 2 Rooks and 8 Pawns placed in specific positions on the chequerboard. One side is usally represented by light colour pieces commonly known as the white the other side features darker pieces ususally described as the black. The familiar Staunton chess set is the typical choice for tournament and western leisure gaming although other less convetional designs are available such as Isle of Lewis, St. George and Northern Upright.

Chess Coaching

Chess is the most popular board game in the world, there's no doubt of that.

It is the original war game, and remains particularly popular with school children.

Every year around 74,000 boys and girls enter the annual UK Chess Challenge! If you would like your youngsters to enjoy the benefits of chess, improved concentration, forward thinking and better academic performance you need a skilled coach.

David Levens is a successful chess coach and experienced player. He is accredited by the English Chess Federation and was once ranked in the top 50 players in Britain. He is now an England Junior selector! Click on the banner above to visit his web-site for more information.


If you are in the market for a chess board, whether it's standalone or with a set of chessmen we have a huge range to choose from. All of our chess boards are warehoused in the UK and ready for immediate shipment. Our boards are imported from Italy, Spain and Poland. We only stock the highest quality chess boards so you can be reassured of total satisfaction at all times. Here at chess sets UK we are experts in shipping high quality chess boards all over Europe, when you buy your board from us you can rest assured it will arrive in perfect condition with all four corners protected.

Chess Sets For Sale

The UK's biggest and best range of competitively priced chess sets is stocked in our UK based warehouse and is ready for immediate shipment using either our free shipping or express delivery options. We have sourced a superb range of chess sets from all over the world. While our prices remain low we still demand exacting quality standards and we only stock the very best designs. Our Chess Sets are for sale to the entire world, despite us being based in the UK. We offer extremely well priced delivery options to mainland Europe and can ship to any country in the world. For the professional choice, buy your chess set from the UK's leading chess set retailers.

Chess Sets For Kids

If your youngster has expressed an interest in chess we have the perfect range of sets to choose from. Our budget wooden chess sets are great starter sets, and will last well into adulthood. There is little doubt that playing chess is a great mental exercise, because a childs mind is still very much in the development phase it becomes all the more important. Indeed in some countries chess has become a mandatory part of the curriculum in schools. Our range of chess sets for kids is a great way to get them started and keep them practicing the great game.

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