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Quartz Tournament Chess Clock

Quartz Tournament Chess Clock

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Built to Last, Guaranteed

Here in the School Chess Supplies category you will find a range of tournament standard products ideal for chess clubs and schools. The vinyl chessboards, for example, are robust and inexpensive to buy, with particular deals on larger orders, while the standard plastic chess pieces are also built to last. When community held sets are the question then affordability is often the answer, with replacement of lost and damaged pieces an expected circumstance. For this reason we offer the free replacement of pieces to any orders more than £100. We play chess here are Regency and, after working with hundreds of schools and chess clubs for the past 6 years, understand that accidents happen in large groups and quick replacements are invaluable.

What is the Tournament Standard?

The short story is that the tournament standard chess board is 20 inches and so we have decided to make all of our tournament chess boards, roll-up and fold up, that size. Tournament chess pieces are expected to have a King of 3.75 inches so, again, we have gone for that. The long story, though, started with a disgruntled English Chess player who grew tired of playing with strange pieces when travelling abroad. Howard Staunton was the best chess player in the world but would lose his concentration, he said, when playing with wildly ornate pieces in Russia. He wanted to standardize the sports parameters to ensure players could spend their time concentrating on the game rather than trying to discern which pieces were which. After publically stating his opinions against the current system of the time he was approached by a young entrepreneur. This London-based businessman, along with his carpenter step-brother, put forward their new designs to the discontented chess player. Howard Staunton immediately approved the idea and agreed to put his name to a shape that we now recognise as the tournament standard of chessmen. The look of the Staunton set is distinctive but just as importantly the size of the bases on each individual piece, is also cohesive to a flowing game. The board is not cluttered and every piece moves freely across it. In our other categories we sell many variations of this traditional design, including our fantastic ornate section, but in Tournament Supplies everything is by the book.

Four Queens

Every set of tournament pieces includes four queens as per official FIDE regulations. Many of our wooden sets do not have this feature but we make an extra effort to ensure this section adheres to all official stipulations correctly.

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