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Metal Chess Sets

Our Range Of Metal Chess Sets

There is little doubt that wood is by far and away the most popular material used for making chess pieces, but for those who want something different a metal chess set can be the ideal choice. Our range of metal chess sets have been sourced from the finest Italian chess set suppliers. We have combined them with fine Italian chess board finished in a beautiful gloss lacquer, something that complements the lovely pieces perfectly. A metal chess set is a heavy and substantial item of supreme quality that will last for generations.

Metals Used In Our Chess Sets

The two metals used to make our fine metal chess sets are brass and nickel. These fine metals lend themselves well to the production of chessmen. One key aspect is how they age over time. These sets are of a quality that means they will be around for many decades. There are two production methods to making the chessmen, the first is lathe turning which is by far the most expensive way to make them. The results are however well worth the price. The other method involves casting the chessmen, which has the benefit of allowing the creation of fine detail and decoration.

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