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Cheap Chess Sets

Cheap chess sets

The cheapest chess set would probably be a sheet of paper on which you draw and colour a 64 squares grid. This would be your playing board. You could then draw your chess pieces onto thin cardboard, like a cereal packet, cut them out, place on your paper board, and hey presto! You are ready to play.

Or you could source one of the cheaper chess sets widely available today. Whereas for many people, the quality of board and pieces improves their enjoyment of the game, the actual game played would be exactly the same played with plastic pieces on a roll-up vinyl board.

Inexpensive Chess SetsFor people starting out, the cheap chess set is probably the best option. Most chess suppliers have a student and beginners range. If a school is bulk purchasing chess sets for lessons or for a chess club the cheaper set is probably the best option as they are likely to take quite a battering, not to mention frequent loss of the odd pieces! Cheap plastic pieces will take quite a bit of punishment and will not chip or crack like their wooden counterparts. Basic ABS boards are virtually indestructible items, nicer than a roll-up sheet board and perfect for schools and students.

Cheap chess pieces

All good chess companies should be suppliers of cheap chess pieces and boards. It is very important that chess should be available to everyone. This is especially true in the case of young children. There is now a large body of research proving that a child who learns to play chess at an early age is improving his or her chances of developing mental skills which will enable them to reach a high level of educational attainment. Some of the benefits for a child in learning chess are mental clarity, development of analytical and decision making skills: the teachers’ visualisation of the child’s full potential – all these factors are essential for excelling in intellectual and educational development.

Children Playing Chess at School If these benefits are to be available to all children regardless of their socioeconomic position in society then it is essential that cheap chess sets should be readily available to all.
Although chess is rightly regarded as “The Game of Kings” it is also enjoyed by those in much more humble and straightened circumstances – like prisons for example. One chess company recently received a special request from an inmate to ask if they could spare an inexpensive chess set so that he could teach other prisoners how to play the game and occupy a bit more of their leisure time inside with something a little more stimulating than dominoes! Any company importing large quantities of goods from overseas is likely to have seconds, or returns, and one of these of the folding chess set variety was duly despatched as a gift to the prisoner. A few weeks later a letter was received with the marks on the envelope you have probably only seen on TV or in a movie. The inmate expressed his gratitude for the great pleasure he was receiving from playing chess. As he was shortly due for release, he decided to leave his chess set with another chess enthusiast who was remaining behind bars.

It is intriguing to note how this ancient game of chess continues to bring satisfaction, mental engagement and sheer pleasure to people of all nations and social classes all around the world.

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