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Backgammon Sets

Of all the games for two players backgammon is one of the oldest.
Some estimates say five thousand years old. The ancient Romans played a game called ludos duodecim scriptorum, which means twelve lined game. This game was almost identical to modern backgammon although most generally played in Eastern Mediterranean countries; in the 1970s backgammon became highly popular in most countries of the world. In Greece, backgammon is extremely popular. Here the game is called tarli, which means board. There are three versions of tarli, portes, which is very similar to western backgammon, plakoto and ferga. In Turkey backgammon is called tavia.

In France the jeux de tables – table games – an early form of backgammon, appeared during the eleventh century. By the twelfth century Germany had adopted the table games which reached Iceland by the thirteenth century. By the seventeenth century Sweden has also embraced backgammon as one of their favorite games. In sixteenth century England Elizabethan laws and church regulations banned the use of playing tables. Ironically by the eighteenth century, backgammon had become very popular with the English clergy. The word ‘backgammon’ in English probably comes from back and gammon, a Middle English word meaning game or play. The term was documented by the Oxford English Dictionary in 1650. A short treatise on the game of backgammon was published in 1743 by Edmund Hoyle. This explained the rules and strategy of backgammon.

Backgammon is a game of chance; moves are decided by the rolls of the dice. But strategic moves are also an important skill factor in winning the game. Ultimately it is the long-term strategist who wins. Each player has fifteen checkers apiece. The winning player is the one who removes all his pieces first. A backgammon set consists of a board, two sets of fifteen checkers, two pairs of dice, a doubling cube and dice cups. The playing time is usually between five and thirty minutes. Set-up time is about five to thirty seconds. Players often play for money; the stakes can be raised as the game progresses.

Backgammon pieces are known by various names. Checkers, stones, draughts, men, pawns, counters or chips. The backgammon board has a track of twelve elongated triangles, sometimes called “spikes”. The spikes are numbered one to twenty four. To set up two checkers are placed on the point twenty four, three checkers on point eight, and five checkers on point thirteen and point six. The board comprises four sections or tables; each table contains six spikes in alternation colours. A vertical line dividing the board in half separates the inner and outer tables. This line is called the ‘bar’.

Travel backgammon sets

The most widely used backgammon set is the folding type where all the chips and dice fit neatly into the cabinet. This makes it very handy for transporting to the café or the bar, to school or to college, but essential if you need a backgammon travel set. There is a wide range of backgammon travel sets available to buy. Some are even small enough to fit into t he traveller's pocket. One consideration if you are going to buy a backgammon set is ‘what does it sound like?’ as well as wooden sets there are some very plush looking leather backgammon sets available. Because of the soft landing the chips have on a leather surface the movement is very quiet. To some players it is important to hear the clack, clack sound as the chip hits the wood. This percussive element is a part of the overall enjoyment of this cut and thrust game.

Our Range Of Backgammon Sets

You might be surprised to see such a superb selection of backgammon sets for sale on a site that's called chess sets UK. While we only have one section of our website devoted to backgammon sets it's far from just a sideline. We stock the range of fine Italian backgammons from the well known Dal Negro manufacturer as well as a host of other high quality backgammon sets. Everything from basic travel backgammon sets up to full sized luxury sets of outstanding quality and design.

Wooden Backgammon Sets

Our range consists mostly of wooden backgammon sets from major manufacturers like Dal Negro in Italy and Philos Games in Germany. All but our cheapest wooden sets feature fine wood inlays on the boards and are created from a selection of fine hard woods including walnut and ebony. If you are in the market for a high quality wooden backgammon set then our range feature the best sets at the very best prices in the united kingdom.

Dal Negro Backgammon

No range of Backgammon sets would be complete without some Dal Negro products in the mix. Dal Negro are an established Italian brand and manufacturer of fine traditional games. The company was established way back in 1756 but it wasn't until 1928 when the Dal Negro family took it over. They have always been famous for their manufacture of playing cards but have since branched out into chess, backgammon as well as a range of casino and table top games. Their sets remain the best quality available within the high end consumer market. They are all beautifully presented in luxury gifted packaging and we sell many sets as gifts and presents that will doubtless be treasured by the recipients for years to come.

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