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Royal Flower Mahogany Chess Set

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Royal Flower Mahogany Chess Set

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The Royal Flower chess set provides an alternative, yet elegant rendition of the Staunton design. This is chiefly reflected in the King's finial and the Queen's crown. The dark pieces are made from ebonised boxwood and really look like solid ebony. the chess board is made from real veneers of sustainable European Mahogany and Maple and has a light layer of satin lacquer for protection. At just over 16 inches in width, this chess set is the perfect size for occasional home use. However, the finish and quality of the whole set is of a standard that is belying of its selling price.

  • King height is 8.3cm or 3 1/4 inches
  • Board squares are 4cm in width
  • Board dimensions : 40cm or 16 inches
  • Total weight unpacked is 2.3kg
  • materials Used : boxwood, maple, mahogany

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