Elegant Palisander Chess Set

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Elegant Palisander Chess Set

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This superb chess set combines our extra special Elegant Series Staunton chess pieces with our new Luxury Palisander and Black Anegre chess board. The chessmen are classic Staunton and have been sourced from the worlds finest producer of wooden chess sets. The quality of the chessmen is extremely fine with extremely accurate carvings and consistent defect free finish. They have been made from clean grained boxwood and genuine Indian ebony. The ebony is extremely high grade and makes the chessmen a very valuable and collectable set. Each piece has been correctly weighted in the base for perfect balance, something you will fully appreciate when you begin to move the pieces around the board. The Knight's have been carved with excellent consistency and hold an unbelievable amount of detail, the same person is responsible for carving all four knights in the set so that all four of them are as identical as human hands will allow.

The board has been selected from Europe's premier manufacture of chess boards for it's quality, finish and stunning design. The wooden veneers feature rich tones and vivid grain with a magical contrast between the black and maple squares and the Palisander edge. The overall effect is highly attractive and it complements the chess pieces perfectly by providing just the right amount of contrast. There are no chess pieces and board better matched in our opinion The board measures just under 18 inches across and has been manufactured without fault and finished in a rich high gloss lacquer. A combination of extremely high quality pieces and a highly distinctive board make this set highly desirable.

  • King height is 7.62cm / 3 inches
  • Board playing squares width is 4.6cm
  • Board dimensions : 46 x 46 x 1.6cm
  • Total weight unpacked : 2.8kg
  • materials Used : Ebony, Boxwood, Maple, Black Anegre
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