Atlantic Black Gloss & Maple Chess Set

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An extremely impressive and eye catching high gloss chess set. Perfect for matching with today's ultra slick interiors. The Atlantic series chessmen in lacquered black and natural boxwood look simply seductive in this super high sheen finish. This is completely different from classic polished chess pieces and really catches the light and the eye! The black anegre and maple veneer board at 21.6 inches is a perfect companion for these pieces as it keeps the contrast between dark and light to a maximum. Finished in gloss lacquer it reflects the Atlantic chess pieces with stunning results. Buy this contemporary chess set combination and save on purchasing as separate items.

  • King height is 9.5cm
  • Width of chess board playing squares is 5.5cm
  • Board dimensions are 55 x 55 x 1.1cm
  • Total weight unpacked is 3.5kg
  • materials Used : Boxwood, Black Anegre, Maple
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