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Cheltenham Ebony & Rootwood Grand Chess Set

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Cheltenham Ebony & Rootwood Grand Chess Set


True, this luxury chess set is grand, traditional & vibrant, but it does all this without being overly flamboyant.The erable root wood board measures at almost 24 inches (60cm) in length and looks spectacular, even before the chess pieces find there way on there!Hand made in Italy, the quality of the burl knotting an patterning is sublime and the lacquering is the best we have ever seen. Underneath, the board is mounted with felt pads to provide both protection to the board and other to all other surfaces. Now to complete the set we have added our these luxurious 3 and 3 quarter inch Cheltenham Series chessmen in Ebony. Crafted by the Regency Chess Co. and sourced from their exclusive 'Regency Collection' range of world class chess pieces, they provide an elegance and grace that's hard to beat.
The Cheltenham ebony and boxwood chess pieces are completely hand made, using only the finest graded woods. The Knights have been rigorously carved by hand which is evident when viewed up close. All the pieces have been expertly finished, polished and hand matched and feature weighted and balanced bases that feel magical in the player's hand. This luxury set includes four Queens and includes a certificate of originality from the producers.

  • Height of King is 9.5cm or 3 3/4 inches
  • Width of board playing squares : 5.9cm
  • Board dimensions 60 x 60 x 2cm
  • Total weight unpacked 4.7kg
  • materials Used : ebony, boxwood, erable, maple
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