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Broadbase Pro Ebony and Boxwood Chessmen 4 Inches

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Broadbase Pro Ebony and Boxwood Chessmen 4 Inches

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Carved from solid, luxury ebony wood, these Broadbase Pro Chessmen stand at an imperious 4 inches tall. This size gives them a sturdy weight, while the wide bases further ensure there firm standing on any chess board. So for playability the Broadbase Pro Chessmen are some of the finest we have here at Chesssets. Their distinctive stocky bases allow for extra weighting making them simply sublime to play with.

Aesthetically, they aren't bad either.

Their classic Staunton lines are some of the most seductive we have ever seen here at Chesssets, with the fact they are etched in ebony making hem all the more impressive. Every individual piece is hand turned and then carved by some of the greatest chess artisans in the world. This expert craftsmanship, coupled with rare Ebony, comes to create a stunning set of heavy, luxury chess pieces that are sure to stand the test of time.

Because of their size these staunton chessmen are best suited to boards of 21 inches and above

  • Height of King is 10.2cm - 4 inches
  • Weight of King is 90g
  • Height of Pawn is is 5.3cm
  • Weight of Pawn is 28g
  • King's Base Diameter is 4.3cm
  • Overall Weight is 1.8kg
  • Materials used : Ebony, Boxwood
  • Suitable for Boards with a Square Diameter of 5cm and above.

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