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Our Range Of Staunton Chess Pieces

Staunton chess pieces are the most iconic in the world today, they are a design classic that has dominated the word of chess for over one hundred and fifty years. They are the archetypal chess piece, the standard and the most popular style of set we sell. Our range of Staunton chess pieces has sets from under twenty five pounds to over two thousand. We source our sets for their superb quality and design, you will not find better sets of Staunton chessmen sold online.

The Historic Staunton Chess pieces

The Staunton chessmen came into circulation in the mid eighteen hundreds and were an instant hit among the chess playing community. The worlds best chess player, Howard Staunton endorsed the set and put his name to it. He loved it's well proportioned, functional, tactile and beautiful design and concluded that for a game of chess there was no set better than this one. It is now the tournament standard set around the world, literally thousands of sets have been made since it's original inception a century and a half ago. There have been hundreds of variations on the traditional design, or dare we say it, improvements to the original form.

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