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Garden Chess

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Big Chess

Big Chess

If you are in the market for a big chess set then our range of big garden chess sets should be ideal. Our big chess sets can be used in the garden or home and are extremely durable and weather proof. Despite their large size we can ship these sets to you with twenty four hours from our UK based warehouse.

Giant Chess Set

Buying your giant chess set from us couldn’t be easier. We stock a range of weather proof garden chess sets that dwarf our conventional sets. A giant chess set is the ideal accessory for the summer garden party season. Our range of Giant chess sets is warehoused in the UK for immediate dispatch.

Outdoor Chess

Outdoor Chess

Playing chess is something that is usually associated with being sat indoors staring at a chess board. However it need not always be like this. Today outdoor chess is becoming an ever popular past time. We sell a range of outdoor chess sets for use in the garden. Why not enjoy some sunshine and increase your intake of vitamin D while playing chess this summer?

Outdoor Chess Pieces

Our vast range of chess pieces now includes outdoor chess pieces for use in the park, garden or playground. These robust pieces come supplied with a huge chess board and are ideal for outdoor use in the summer. As with all of our chess pieces these outdoor sets are stocked in our UK warehouse and available with free UK shipping, so despite their large size shipping costs remain at an all time low.