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Compact Sheesham & Maple Magnetic Chess Set

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The most notable thing about this chess set is it's compact size. At just seven inches in width it's a very bijou cabinet with miniature pieces. What's astonishing however is the attention to detail. The cabinet is completely made from solid wood and each square on the board is a separate piece of wood, which have each been inlaid by hand.
The solid wooden pieces have been beautifully carved in the classic Staunton style. The chess pieces have magnetic bases and adhere to the board which has a ferric under section. Each set made by hand and is finished with nothing but a hand polish with natural beeswax.

  • Height of King : 3.2cm
  • Cabinet dimensions Closed : 18 x 9.5 x 4cm
  • Total weight unpacked : 400g
  • materials used : sheesham, boxwood, maple