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British Sheesham and Walnut Chess set

£108.73  £83.94
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New for this season, the British Staunton chessmen in golden rosewood (sheesham) and boxwood, matched with our popular European walnut and maple chess board. This set measures almost 18 inches in width and has a king height of 3 3/4 inches. A beautifully colour matched chess set that exudes elegant simplicity. The chess pieces are turned by hand and have been polished to a subtle sheen with natural waxes and polishes. Each piece is weighted, balanced and features a green felt base to protect the surface of the chess board. 2 additional Queens are included and the pieces are presented in Regency Chess branded packaging. The Spanish made chessboard is a veneer design and is made to very precise standards. The whole board is coated in a light sheen lacquer which helps protect and makes cleaning much easier. A superb value chess set that will provide years of great chess games.

  • King height is 9.5cm or 3 3/4 inches
  • Board squares are 4.5cm in width
  • Board dimensions : 45cm or 17 5/8 inches
  • Total weight unpacked is 2.8kg
  • materials Used : sheesham, boxwood, maple, walnut