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Byzantine Ebony Luxury Chess Set

£495.57  £335.66
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The Byzantine solid ebony and boxwood chess pieces from the Regency Chess Co. are hand carved and turned to display more prominence and personality than standard Staunton chessmen. In particular, the Knight's exhibit magnificent hand carved manes and facial features. Tall & very nicely weighted, these large chess pieces feature attenuated bases which are leather lined making them the perfect choice to be placed on this excellent grey ash burl chess board. Created from quality ash veneers and sealed and finished in a high sheen lacquer, this board really does make the right impression. This Luxury Set Includes four Queens and a Certificate of Authenticity from the makers.

  • King height is 10.8cm or 4 1/4 inches
  • Board playing squares are 5.5cm in width
  • Board dimensions are 55 x 55 x 1.8cm
  • Total weight unpacked is 4.3kg
  • materials Used : ebony, boxwood, Maple, Ash