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Black Sovereign and Briar Luxury Chess Set

£629.95  £395.95
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Stunning luxury Ebony Staunton chessmen with an equally special Italian wooden chess board made from inlays of rich Briarwood and Elm wood. The Sovereign series chess pieces are crafted by the world's finest chess makers. The elegant curves of the shank, the detailed carving of the knight and the beautifully sculpted Bishops mitre are perfect examples of the peerless quality on show. At 3 inches in height, these chessmen are relatively compact but without compromising form or finish. Each piece is polished by hand, balanced and weighted and has a luxurious baize base to protect the chessboard. The chessboard is a high gloss lacquered Root wood and maple construction. Made in Italy to the best levels of craftsmanship we've seen. The high gloss finish offers a level of opulence and practically, offers protection and strength to the board surface. The high gloss finish reflects the chess pieces vividly which glide effortlessly on the board surface. This is Simply one of the best small to medium chess set combination we have ever found... If compromise is not in your nature, look no further! This Luxury Set Includes 4 Queens and a Root wood burl chess piece case.

  • Height of King is 7.6cm or 3 inches
  • Chess board playing squares are 5.08cm wide
  • Board dimensions 51 x 51 x 1.9cm
  • Total weight unpacked is 4.2kg
  • materials Used : ebony, boxwood, maple, briarwood, elm