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Competition Staunton Chess Set

£59.19  £42.32
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Full tournament size chess set bundle featuring quality plastic chessmen with our extremely popular European made mahogany and maple inlaid chess board. The chess pieces a robust and incredibly well detailed and feature green baize bases to protect the board surface. the board is completely made from sustainable woods and has a light coating of satin lacquer to provide protection to the wood. Great value full size chess set, perfect for home use and also for club and school games.

  • King height is 9.5cm or 3 3/4 inches
  • Width of board playing squares 5cm
  • Board dimensions are 48cm x 48cm x 1cm
  • King's Base Diameter is 3.6cmcm
  • Overall Weight unpackaged is 3.2kg
  • Materials used : Birchwood, Maple, Mahogany, ABS Plastic