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Old English Elite Series Ebony Staunton Chess Pieces Large

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The Old English Elite chess pieces are seductive through their simplicity. The Staunton design has been brought into the new millennium with these chess pieces. The feature wide, yet shallow bases, sleek concave shanks and feature understated and beautiful lines.
The silhouette of these chessmen is quite simply breathtaking. Presented in a large 4 inch king size, the pieces are beautifully weighted and hand polished only with natural waxes. Perfect for combining with any of our dark wood playing boards at 60cm width.

  • Height of King is 10.2cm - 4 inches
  • Weight of King is 86g
  • Height of Pawn is is 5.7cm
  • Weight of Pawn is 34g
  • King's Base Diameter is 4.6cm
  • Overall Weight is 1.4kg
  • Materials used - Ebony Wood, Boxwood
  • Suitable for Boards with a Square Diameter of 5.8cm and above.