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Down Head Sheesham Staunton Chess Pieces 3 1/4 Inches

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This set represents fantastic value when it comes to the quality of the pieces compared to their price. The pieces have been turned and polished to an incredibly high standard. Fashioned from boxwood and sheesham wood an exotic hardwood that is native to India. Set within the grain of the dark pieces are tiny glimmering golden grains that really make this a truly stunning set. In addition to this the pieces have been weighted and balanced brilliantly making them ideal regular playing pieces.

  • Height of King is 8.3cm - 3 1/2 Inches
  • Weight of King is 35g
  • Height of Pawn is is 4.1cm
  • Weight of Pawn is 12g
  • King's Base Diameter is 3.05cm
  • Overall Weight is 0.8kg
  • Materials used : Boxwood
  • Suitable for Boards with a Square Diameter of 3.8cm and above.