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Atlantic Rosewood Staunton Chess Pieces 4 1/4 Inches

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The Atlantic series is a set of chess pieces have been based on the American style Staunton set. Beautifully crafted from Boxwood and Indian Rosewood they retain their natural colour and grain resulting in superb aesthetics. The pieces are weighted and balanced brilliantly making them not only a chess set that looks fantastic but also one that is a pleasure to use. The wood from which these pieces have been made is becoming increasingly rare, which will make this particular set even more of a collectors item in the future and therefore a worthwhile investment.

  • Height of King is 10.8cm / 4 1/4 inches
  • Weight of King is 90g
  • Height of Pawn is is 5.6cm
  • Weight of Pawn is 19g
  • King's Base Diameter is 4.5cm
  • Overall Weight is 1.6kg
  • Materials used Rosewood & Boxwood
  • Suitable for Boards with a Square Diameter of 5.2cm and above.