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Concentric Ball Hand Carved Chess Pieces in Red Sandalwood


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Hand carved Concentric Ball emblematic chess men in Red Sandalwood and Boxwood. A rather special design which by the nature of the carving leaves a free moving ball in the centre of the larger pieces. The styling is influenced by ancient Eastern culture and is a breath of fresh air stylistically. Note that due to the hand crafting technique, each piece is slightly unique in construction.

  • Height of King is 10.1cm - 4 inches
  • Weight of King is 28g
  • Height of Pawn is is 6.4cm
  • Weight of Pawn is 10g
  • King's Base Diameter is 3.1cm
  • Overall Weight is 0.7kg
  • Materials used - Red Sandalwood, Boxwood
  • Suitable for Boards with a Square Diameter of 4.2 cm and above.