Aug 172012

We’re going through our series of world chess champions from first to last, but as the current world championship begins this month it’s perhaps a good idea to have a quick peek at what’s going on. The current holder is an Indian national, Vichy Anand who is being challenged by Boris Gelfand. Vichy is one […]

Jun 162011

For top chess players, the FIDE rating is the most important aspect of the game. Fide stands for Federation Internationale des Echecs, or World Chess Federation in English. It has been in existence since 1924 and, in 1999, it was recognized by the International Sports Federation and the International Olympic Committee. One may hear an […]

May 140205

Like many games, chess is often regarded as the preserve of the young – however, this isn’t the case and one of the good things about a less physical sport is that older players can dominate the board too. Possibly the oldest of today’s Grandmasters is a chap called Yuri Averbakh who played a lot […]