Chess Midgames

As the name suggest the mid-game occupies the space in time between your opening and endgame. The start of the midgame isn’t necessarily clear and can vary from match to match. One thing is for sure: Whether you’re playing on a
wooden chess set or a tournament set solidifying your ability to play well during midgame is a critical and these posts should help.

Sep 202012

Castling is one of those moves that often confuses people, there are in fact three ways to achieve castling. The first is long (that’s when you castle with the Queen’s side rook), the second is short (King’s side) and the third is artificial (which isn’t really castling but it’s where you end up with the […]

Sep 032012

When you’re playing a game of chess there are certain strategies available to you as a player that enable you to force your opponent to do something other than they wish to do. This is what’s known as tactical play and there are 3 key components to a tactical game that enable the best players […]